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Music is always one of my biggest inspirations. So many of my favorite scenes have come to me while listening to my writing playlists. It’s one of the first things I do to get inspired to write, especially when I just don’t feel like writing. These are a few of the songs I listened to while writing or editing.


Fight for Glory by X-Ray Dog—This is Jace’s theme. It starts out kind of low and dangerous, but grows to a stronger, more hopeful, triumphant tone that I think is perfect for Jace’s character growth through the series.

Not Alone by Red – Jace goes through so much pain and despair throughout Resistance and this song is kind of the “behind the scenes” of that struggle from Elôm’s (God’s) point of view. It really helped me to have that aspect of the story in my mind even though Jace wasn’t aware of it.

The Covenant by Non-Stop Music – This is Kyrin’s theme song. It starts out rather soft and kind of sad, but really picks up in the middle and for some reason always fit Kyrin well in my mind.

Martyr by Future World Music – This is the song I listened to for the last half of chapter 24.

The King's Scrolls

Atlantis by Two Steps from Hell - Marcus's them song.

Moments by Future World Music - Liam's theme song.

Path to Freedom by Audiomachine - William's theme song.

Enduring by Non-Stop Music - Timothy's theme song. SO perfect for him.

Hurt by Thomas Bergeren - I listened to this song a lot while writing and editing the end of chapter 18.

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